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Ragdoll Hit

Ragdoll Hit

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Get ready for hilarious and physics-based brawls in Ragdoll Hit, the action-packed combat game from the creator of Ragdoll Archers.
Take control of a ragdoll stickman and unleash a flurry of punches, kicks, and jumps to dominate your opponents in game. The unique physics create a delightfully wacky combat experience that will have you laughing and strategizing simultaneously.

Conquering Traps

As you battle across various arenas in Ragdoll Hit, you'll encounter traps and obstacles that will challenge your combat skills. From hazardous environments to crafty foes, you'll need to stay alert and use your ragdoll's agility to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.

Strategize and Conquer

Don't just button mash. Use your environment to your advantage in Ragdoll Hit. Pick up weapons, throw objects, and exploit the surroundings to gain the upper hand in battle. Strategic thinking is key to mastering the chaos.

A Weapon for Every Brawl

Earn coins through victories and use them to unlock a variety of cool weapons, each offering unique attacks and strategies for defeating your foes. Experiment with different armaments to find your favorite tools of ragdoll destruction.


1. Wacky ragdoll physics combat.
2. Use punches, kicks, and the environment to your advantage.
3. Unlock new weapons with earned coins.
4. Customize your ragdoll fighter with unlockable skins.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study your opponent's moves and anticipate their attacks.
2. Utilize the environment for strategic positioning and surprise attacks.
3. Try out various weapon configurations to find out powerful synergies.
4. Stay mobile and unpredictable to keep your foes on their toes

Fight your way to the top in Ragdoll Hit. Compete through a series of battles, defeating enemies and earning rewards as you climb the ranks and strive to become the ultimate ragdoll champion. Can you control the chaos and reign supreme?


1. Hit and move A, D, or left and right arrow keys
2. Pick up or hold items Space bar
3. Jump W or up arrow key
4. Kick S or down arrow key

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