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EvoWars.io is an intense online battle arena game. Take part in thrilling top-down combat to ascend the evolutionary ranks! Sharpen your blade against other players, all vying for supremacy.

The Key To Success

Collecting glowing orbs scattered around the arena map. Each orb fuels your warrior's growth, letting you evolve into over 15 unique forms with increased weapon range.
But be strategic - with greater size comes reduced speed and agility. Adapt your fighting style as you bulk up through each new evolutionary stage.

When the action gets heated, EvoWars.io lets you unleash a temporary sprint ability. This burst of speed helps outmaneuver foes, but costs precious experience points. Use it wisely!

If you find yourself on the smaller side, don't fret. Your initial quickness gives you the upper hand! Focus on scooping up outlying orbs until you've grown strong enough to challenge larger warriors.

The ultimate test? Push your skills to the limit and evolve as far as you can. Will you become the mightiest beast and reign over EvoWars.io's arena?

No matter your size, EvoWars.io's slick swords and axe combat keep the action intense. One mistimed swing could spell your doom against a more powerful foe!

You can enjoy EvoWars.io's evolutionary battles anytime, anywhere. Jump into the arena madness directly in your web browser on PC or mobile.

Key Features

1. Addictive top-down arena gameplay with melee combat
2. Over 15 unique warrior forms to unlock by evolving
3. Balance mighty size against crucial agility and speed
4. Use sprint ability tactically despite its experience cost
5. High accessibility on desktop, mobile web, and device apps
6. Developed by Night Steed Games in March 2018

Prepare to evolve, adapt, and conquer the competition in this intense online arena battler! Will you become the apex predator of EvoWars.io?


1. Move your mouse to control the character's movement
2. Left click to attack
3. Right click/shift to sprint

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