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WarCall.io is a free online browser game where you fight tons of other players using medieval weapons like swords and axes. The goal is to become the last warrior standing.

Conquering Traps:

This multiplayer battlefield keeps getting smaller, forcing you into closer combat. Enemies with sharp swords and axes could attack from any direction. You have to be quick to jump away from deadly swings.

Achieving Objectives:

Your main mission is to defeat every other player through intense sword fighting and combat. Use different medieval weapons like swords, axes, and daggers to take them down. As the battlefield shrinks, the fighting gets even crazier.

Weapons Used:

You get to use an awesome arsenal of medieval weapons. Mighty swords for cutting enemies, heavy crushing axes, and speedy little daggers. Each weapon is great for different fighting styles - choose one you like best.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Use the dash move to quickly get closer and surprise opponents.
2. Search the area for treasure chests filled with gold, gems and power-ups.
3. Upgrade your warrior's damage and defenses first to become stronger.
4. Try out new fighter characters like tough knights, sneaky rogues, and spell-casting mages.


1. Crazy intense medieval sword fighting and melee combat.
2. Supports multiple players online in an ever-shrinking battlefield.
3. Loads of deadly weapons to find and master using.
4. Find valuable loot that lets you power up your fighter.
5. Unique warrior characters that excel at different combat styles.

Only one champion can win the ultimate WarCall.io battle arena. Pick your favorite sword-swinging warrior, learn to defeat different enemy fighters, and battle until you're the last one standing. It's an epic fantasy melee!


1. Use Left mouse button to attack
2. Use Right mouse button to special attack

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