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Burrito Bison

Burrito Bison

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Get ready for a wacky adventure in Burrito Bison Launcha Libre. In this awesome game, you'll launch a tasty burrito hero through the air to fight mean gummy bear thieves.

Bounce and Fly Through Colorful Worlds

Your mission is to launch Burrito Bison as far as you can by timing your taps just right. You'll see him soar over obstacles and colorful landscapes on his journey to get his cookbook back from the gummies.

Stop Those Sticky Gummy Bullies

As you fly, look out for the evil gummies that stole Burrito's cookbook. When you spot them, tap at the perfect second to make Burrito slam down hard and splat those sticky thieves.

Unlock New Launching Friends

The more gummies you defeat, the more coin treasures you'll earn. Use those coins to make Burrito stronger and unlock new characters with special powers to join your launching crew.

Mastering Your Launching Rhythm

Burrito Bison is all about tapping at just the right times. Tap for liftoff to send him soaring up. Then tap again at the perfect moment for Burrito's super slam-down attack.

Using Power-Up Abilities

During launches, grab any power-ups you see for an extra boost. Rockets make you go way faster, while balloons let you fly higher. Gummy bear power-ups make you unstoppable against gummies for a while too.

Key Features:

1. Simple tapping controls for launching.
2. Explore colorful, whimsical game worlds.
3. Bounce and fly, then slam down on gummy enemies.
4. Unlock new characters by collecting coins.
5. Upgrade abilities like launch power and defense.

With its bright visuals, easy controls, but challenging launches, Burrito Bison is just pure silly fun. Play it today and get blasting off on your flavor-blasted journey.


Click or tap and drag on the sling shot

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