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Duck Life 3 Evolution

Duck Life 3 Evolution

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Duck Life 3 Evolution is an awesome duck racing game that takes things to a whole new level. Train your feathered friend, unlock their hidden evolution potential, and compete in races across the world.

These duck races won't be a walk (or waddle) in the park. You'll need to skillfully navigate hazardous obstacles like mud pits, raging rivers, and massive ramps. Stay light on your webbed feet.

Achieving Objectives

Your main goal is to become the ultimate duck racing champion by winning races in all 3 leagues - the Amateur Farm League, the Advanced London Streets, and the intense Easter Island Professional circuit. Win each race to progress.

Tips and Tricks

1. Train frequently in the mini-games to boost your duck's main abilities.
2. Earn lots of coins from races to buy stamina-boosting duck feed.
3. Watch your duck's energy levels and rest them before big competitions.
4. For running, use quick taps to jump over obstacles and gaps.


1. Unique duck evolution system with 4 distinct breeds to choose from.
2. Globetrotting adventure across 3 different themed race locations.
3. Fun training mini-games to hone your duck's specialized skills.
4. Unlock new races, levels, and customization items as you progress.
5. Simple touch controls that anyone can quickly pick up and play.

Duck Life 3 Evolution brings the perfect blend of cute, feathery friends and high-flying racing action to your mobile device. Choose your duck, start their training, and get quacking.


Use the mouse and keyboard to play this game.

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