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Slime Hunter

Slime Hunter

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Slime Hunter: Wild Impact is an awesome free-to-play mobile RPG filled with charming pixel art graphics and fast-paced action. Get ready to explore a vibrant world, battle adorable slimes, and level up your character to become the strongest hero around.

These quests won't be a cakewalk - you'll need to strategize and power up your party to conquer tough enemies and difficult bosses. From crafting powerful gear to mastering unique game modes, Slime Hunter will really test your RPG skills.

Core Gameplay

Your main mission is to level up your character by collecting slimes, gaining experience, and completing quests. Form a party with AI companions to help accelerate your progress. Use your strength to battle the infinite Boss Raid and navigate the Hermes Stock Market system.

Tips and Tricks

1. Craft the best equipment you can to gain an edge in combat.
2. Party up with AI allies that complement your character's abilities.
3. Master the different game modes to earn rare items and rewards.
4. The game supports English and other languages - play in your preferred tongue.


1. Cute pixelated art style with an expansive world to explore.
2. Accessible one-finger touch controls perfect for casual RPG fun.
3. Collect and battle against a variety of adorable slime monsters.
4. Play with unique game modes like Boss Raid and Hermes Stock Market.
5. Play in English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, or Thai.

Jump into the world of Slime Hunter: Wild Impact for an exciting free-to-play RPG adventure. With simple controls but surprising depth, this game offers a fun experience for players of all ages. Assemble your squad and start hunting slimes today.


Use the mouse to play the game.

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