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Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush

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In Cluster Rush, get ready for a wild rhythmic adventure. Jump, slide, and hold on tight as you ride atop constantly moving trucks. This fast-paced game will push your reflexes to the absolute limit.

Buckle up for a high-octane thrill ride across varied themed levels. Experience harrowing chases, explosive crashes, and otherworldly landscapes unlike anything you've seen before.

The key to survival?

Mastering the rhythm. The trucks' movements and obstacles are perfectly synced to the music. Learn each level's cadence to anticipate jumps for the smoothest possible run.

But stay laser-focused - one misplaced step means tumbling off the speeding convoy. No second chances here. Conquering a Cluster Rush level requires keen concentration and impeccable timing.

The controls are simple - jump, cling, double jump. But the relentless difficulty means just staying aboard is an intense test of skill. You'll need to master every technique to surmount the escalating obstacles.

Speaking of obstacles, be ready for sudden drops, plummeting debris, and explosions that could shake you loose at any second. The action is non-stop, with new hazards materializing out of nowhere.

As if that's not enough, Cluster Rush also ramps up the challenge across its 35 grueling levels. Each stage pushes your abilities further, from straightforward starter runs to brutally intense finales.

When you do inevitably fall, prepare to be treated to an eye-popping spectacle. Cluster Rush's stunning visual effects and diverse environments make every crash and restart a cinematic experience.

So sharpen your reflexes and sense of rhythm, because Cluster Rush demands both in equal measure. Whether racing across frozen tundras or kaleidoscopic caverns, this game's unique blend of music and arcade action guarantees an adrenaline-fueled ride.

Key Features

1. Thrilling rhythm-based truck riding gameplay.
2. Stunning themed levels with immersive environments.
3. Harrowingly precise jumping and clinging challenges.
4. Relentless difficulty curve across 35 punishing levels.
5. Jaw-dropping visual effects and explosive crashes.
6. Straightforward controls belie the game's brutal skill requirements.

Are your reflexes finely tuned enough to conquer Cluster Rush? Grab on and get ready for the craziest truck convoy ride of your life.


1. Press the spacebar to jump up.
2. Hold the spacebar to climb.
3. Use the LEFT arrow to go left.
4. Use the RIGHT arrow to go right.

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