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Aliens Nest

Aliens Nest

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In Aliens Nest, prepare for a surprising twist. This exciting game combines two seemingly different challenges into one action-packed experience.

Rescue Mission

Your first objective is to infiltrate an abandoned alien base and free imprisoned humans. Race against the clock to open prison doors and call for extraction before the aliens sound the alarm. Time is of the essence in this heart-pounding rescue operation.

Conquering Traps

As you navigate the alien base, you'll encounter various traps and obstacles designed to thwart your rescue efforts. Stay alert for security systems, hostile aliens, and other hazards that could jeopardize your mission. Use your wits and quick reflexes to overcome these challenges.

Alien Reunite

In a surprising turn of events, you'll also need to help a lost baby alien find its way back to its nest. Use your logic and physics skills to strategically activate objects and create a safe path for the baby, avoiding hungry predators that lurk nearby.

Achieving Objectives

In the rescue mission, your goal is to free all the imprisoned humans and call for extraction before the aliens raise the alarm. In the alien reunite challenge, you must guide the baby alien back to its nest while keeping it safe from predators.

A Challenge for All

Game offers multiple difficulty levels, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for both casual and hardcore gamers. Can you master both challenges and prove your skills?


1. Two thrilling game modes rescue mission and physics-based puzzle.
2. Race against the clock in the rescue mission.
3. Use logic and strategy to guide the baby alien.
4. Multiple difficulty levels for varied challenges.
5. Intuitive controls and gameplay.

Tips and Tricks

1. In the rescue mission, prioritize speed while remaining vigilant for traps.
2. Study the environment in the alien reunite mode to plan your moves
3. Experiment with activating objects in different orders and combinations.
4. Stay calm under pressure and think through each move carefully.

Aliens Nest provides double the fun with its unique blend of rescue missions and physics-based puzzles. Can you conquer both challenges and emerge victorious?


1. WASD - Move
2. Mouse - Aim/change view
3. Mouse click - Shoot

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