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Demon Killer

Demon Killer

2.9 (12 Reviews)
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Classification: Games » Action Games,Shooting

You are the only one who can save the world! Arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons and stop the invasion of demons. Don't stop and use your shooting potential.


1. Movement: Use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) or WASD keys to maneuver your character across the perilous landscapes.

2. Attack: Press the spacebar or left mouse button to unleash powerful attacks upon the demonic hordes.

3. Special Ability: Activate your character's special abilities by pressing the E key or right mouse button, strategically utilizing them to overcome challenging encounters.

4. Interact: Engage with interactive elements within the game environment by pressing the F key or clicking on them with your mouse.
Menu Navigation: Navigate through menus and options using your mouse cursor.

5. Pause/Resume: Take a breather or adjust settings by pausing the game with the P key or the Escape key, and resume play with the same key.

6. Restart/Retry: If faced with defeat, restart the level or retry from a checkpoint by pressing the R key.

7. Inventory: Manage collected items or equipment by accessing the inventory with the I key, if available.

8. Map: Toggle the map view on and off with the M key, aiding in navigation through complex terrains.

9. Settings: Adjust game settings such as sound volume and graphics quality by pressing the O key or navigating to the settings menu.


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