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Red Impostor vs. Crew

Red Impostor vs. Crew

3.0 (10 Reviews)
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Classification: Games » arcade

Red Imposter vs. Crew is a fun and engaging Action game. Your mission is simple: Execute all living crewmates in the spaceship. Let no one survive.


1. Movement: Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to navigate your character.
2. Interact: Press the spacebar or 'E' key to interact with objects, tasks, and emergency buttons.
3. Report: Approach a fallen crewmate and press the spacebar or 'E' key to report the body.
4. Kill (Impostor Only): When near a crewmate, press the kill button (usually 'R' or another designated key) to eliminate them discreetly.
5. Sabotage (Impostor Only): Cause chaos by sabotaging tasks. Use the sabotage button ('Q' or another designated key) when near a task.
6. Venting (Impostor Only): Travel swiftly across the map by entering vents. Approach a vent and press the spacebar or 'E' key to use it.
7. Map & Chat: Access the map with the 'Tab' key to view your current location and objectives. Utilize the chat function to communicate with other players via the chat box.

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