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Happy Wheel

Happy Wheel

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Classification: Games » Classic

Happy Wheels is a wacky side-scrolling game where simply surviving each level is a victory. Launched in 2010, it took the internet by storm with its bizarre characters and unpredictable ragdoll physics. Get ready for endless mayhem! Happy Wheels offers a massive library of official and user-created levels to explore. Each one is a potential deathtrap waiting to happen.

From shopping carts to jet-powered wheelchairs, choose your character carefully. They each have unique specialties. Master the jetpack boost on Wheelchair Guy or use Segway Guy's jump to your advantage.

The fun doesn't stop there! Unleash your creativity by designing and building your own Happy Wheels levels. Share your twisted creations with the whole community. Just how challenging - or deadly - will your course be?

Best of all, you can play Happy Wheels anytime, anywhere! Enjoy it right in your web browser or download the mobile app for on-the-go mayhem. Happy Wheels offers zany ragdoll physics gameplay unlike anything else. Launched over a decade ago by developer Fancy Force LLC, this game keeps finding new ways to make you chuckle at the carnage. Are you ready for the chaos?

Key tips for Players

1. Levels can be beaten in radically different ways - think creatively!
2. Watch replays of others to learn shortcuts and tactics.
3. Each character has unique strengths - pick the right one for each level.
4. Don't get frustrated. Hilarious ragdoll fails are all part of the fun!
5. Start by playing simpler user levels before tackling the hardest official ones.


1. Arrow keys to move.
2. Spacebar to shoot or jump.
3. CTRL or Shift for secondary actions.

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