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Blumgi Castle

Blumgi Castle

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Classification: Games » Skill

Unleash your inner demolition expert in Blumgi Castle, the wacky and explosive skill game that lets you rain down mayhem upon your enemies.

Explosive Arsenal

Equip a variety of bombs and outlandish special weapons to send your foes flying in Blumgi Castle. From classic bombs and dynamite to buzzsaws, laser beams, and even a teleporting basketball (courtesy of Blumgi Ball.), you have a crazy collection of tools to unleash creative destruction.

Conquering Traps

In this game, you'll face various traps and obstacles designed to thwart your demolition efforts. From treacherous terrain to cunning enemies, you'll need to stay alert and use your explosive arsenal strategically to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.

Sink or Swim

Your objective is simple – eliminate all the creatures on each level by blasting them with your weapons or knocking them into the water below. Use the aiming indicator to line up your shots and unleash explosive mayhem.

Master the Blast

Hold down the action button to control the power of your attack in Blumgi Castle. Release at the right moment to send bombs raining down on your enemies with strategic precision. Mastering this art of aiming and detonation is key to success.

Unlock the Fun

As you progress through the levels in game you'll unlock a variety of cool new characters, each with their own unique look. Try them all and find your favorite explosive hero to lead the charge against your foes.

Embrace the Chaos

There's no single solution in Blumgi Castle. Experiment with different weapons and tactics to find the most creative and destructive way to conquer each level. Embrace the chaos and let your inner demolition expert run wild.

Features for the Explosive Expert

1. Bombastic Weapons - From explosives to wacky inventions, unleash hilarious weapons.
2. Strategic Bombing - Master aiming and detonation for precise elimination.
3. Unlockable Characters - Discover cool new playable characters as you progress.
4. Open-Ended Mayhem - Experiment with tactics to conquer levels your way.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study enemy patterns and weaknesses to plan your explosive strikes.
2. Use terrain features for strategic positioning and cover.
3. Experiment with different weapon combinations for maximum destruction.
4. Stay mobile and unpredictable to avoid counter-attacks.

Blumgi Castle offers a delightfully destructive blend of skill, strategy, and wacky explosions. So grab your bombs, take aim, and get ready to blast your way to victory.


Single Player Mode
1. Aim - A/D or Left/Right arrows
2. Shoot - (Hold down and release) Spacebar

Multiplayer Mode
1. Aim - E/R or Left/Right arrows
2. Shoot - (Hold down and release) A or Spacebar

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