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Moto Maniac 2

Moto Maniac 2

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Rev up your engines for a high-octane, high-stakes dirt bike race like no other. In Moto Maniac 2, you'll careen across a dark, unfinished bridge suspended high above the ground.

Daring Nighttime Challenge

What makes Moto Maniac 2 so unique is its nighttime setting. Racing under the cover of darkness raises the intensity and adrenaline to a whole new level. With limited visibility, every turn and obstacle becomes a true test of your skills.

Light the Way with Your Drone

But you won't be alone in the pitch black. Your handy drone pal flies ahead, illuminating the hazardous bridge and revealing upcoming ramps, gaps and other dangers before you hit them. With its guidance, you can shred the gnar without fear.

Stay Balanced to Survive

One of the biggest challenges in Moto Maniac 2 is maintaining perfect balance on your bike. Since you're racing across an unfinished bridge, the terrain is constantly shifting underneath you. You'll need to lean into turns and quickly adjust to sudden dips and slopes to avoid wiping out.

Clearing Gnarly Obstacles

As if the dark setting and unstable ground weren't enough, Moto Maniac 2 litters the racecourse with all sorts of intense obstacles. Nail your timing to nail sick jumps over chasms, squeeze through tight spaces, and more. One mistake could send you plummeting!

Master the Need for Speed

To earn top scores, you'll need to discover the perfect balance of blistering speed and cautious riding. Going too fast could cause you to lose control, but too slow will cost you precious time. Practice nailing those stoppies and powerslides.

Key Features

Thrilling nighttime dirt bike racing.
Helpful drone guide illuminates your path.
Constantly changing bridge terrain requires sharp balance.
Intense obstacles like jumps, ramps and gaps.
Levels reward a mix of speed and careful riding.

Ready to tackle one of the most intense and original biking challenges around? Fire up Moto Maniac 2 and prepare to put your skills to the ultimate test under the cover of night.


1. Drive Forward - Up / W keys
2. Drive Back - Down / S keys

3. Pause - P

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