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Welcome to the wild world of Tricks - awesome free online games that let you pull off insane stunts, jumps, and flips. This isn't just a regular racing game either. In Tricks, showing off your skills with gravity-defying acrobatics is just as important as crossing the finish line first.

Take the tricks motocross experience where you race motorbikes against 5 other daredevil riders. Floor it to stay ahead, but also master sick jumps, spins, and mid-air combos to rack up huge bonus points. String together combos with perfect landings for a scoring frenzy!

Conquering Traps

Sure, you could just race motorbikes or skateboards normally. But why play it safe when you can take on the craziest ramps, loops, and obstacles imaginable? Pulling off tricks is all about calculated risk-taking to navigate treacherous terrains and courses.

Achieving Objectives

Whether you're on two wheels, the ultimate goal is simple - complete each level while executing the most outrageously bodacious trick runs on your motorcycle. Combos, flips, mid-air contortions - rack up those points by defying gravity and mastering the art of motocross tricks!

Tips and Tricks:

1. Time jumps perfectly to pull off twisting flips and barrel rolls.
2. Link multiple tricks back-to-back for extended high-scoring combos.
3. Nail smooth landings to keep combos going for maximum points.
4. Find sneaky shortcuts through tracks to open up new stunt opportunities.

While Tricks features an awesome motocross mode, that's just a small sample of the stunt-fueled action waiting for you. This game category covers every extreme sport under the sun.


Use the spacebar to Flip and Drive.

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