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Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel

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Get ready for an awesome game called Hills of Steel. It's a free mobile game where you get to drive super cool tanks and fight epic battles. This game is made by a Superplus Games, and they love making fun games for players like you.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Learn how to fight smart and beat your enemies by using cover and planning your attacks carefully.
2. Collect special loot from defeated enemies and use it to make your tank even more powerful. Add new weapons, stronger armor, and special abilities.
3. Even though you don't get a ton of in-game coins and gems, upgrading your tank feels really satisfying.

Conquering Traps:

1. Don't just charge in without thinking. That's a great way to get defeated. Instead, be patient and wait for the right moment to attack.
2. Pay attention to the different types of enemies you face. Some have machine guns that need you to get up close, while others have mortars and rockets that can hit you from far away. Change your strategy for each one.

Achieving Objectives:

1. Your big goal is to become the best tank commander ever by winning lots of battles and proving your skills.
2. It takes time and practice to master all the strategies and tactics needed to reach the top ranks.

Weapons Used:

1. You can unlock tons of different tanks to drive, and they all have their own special abilities and strengths.
2. The tank physics are really fun and make them feel like super bouncy beach buggies instead of just heavy hunks of metal.

Hills of Steel is easy to learn but challenging to master, with simple controls but deep gameplay that keeps you coming back for more battles. It's the perfect game for anyone who loves tanks, action, and having a total blast.


1. AD or arrow keys to move
2. To shoot use spacebar
3. B to repair the tank

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