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Cover Orange Gangsters

Cover Orange Gangsters

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Cover Orange Gangsters is an exciting new puzzle game starring your favorite citrusy hero. This time, menacing gangster clouds are raining down trouble, and it's up to you to protect the adorable orange from their acidic downpours.

Conquering Traps:

The gangster clouds will stop at nothing to douse your orange pal in their toxic rain. You'll need to think quickly to construct sturdy shelters from the objects around you. Stack crates, position pipes, and utilize crazy contraptions like trampolines to keep your friend dry. Watch out for hazards that can destabilize your defenses too.

Achieving Objectives:

In each of the 24 levels, your main mission is to bamboozle the bad guys and shield the orange using your puzzle-solving skills. But the stakes are higher thanks to tempting hidden star collectibles. Can you find the sneaky stars and prove you're the ultimate orange protector?

Tips and Tricks:

1. Look for environmental objects you can stack, drop, or rearrange to make shelters.
2. Pay attention to how different shapes and items can be combined in new ways.
3. Farm levels for stars by replaying and finding alternate safe keeping solutions.


1. 24 infinitely replayable puzzle levels that scale in difficulty.
2. Intuitive physics-based gameplay with simple drag-and-drop controls.
3. Fun, cartoonish graphics and whimsical music that'll make you smile.
4. Perfect for all ages, casually pick up or settle in for longer sessions.

The forest friends are counting on you to keep that sweet orange safe from harm! Think outside the box, get creative with shelters, and don't let those gangster bullies ruin the day. Cover Orange Gangsters is a refreshingly juicy brain teaser.


1. To Move chest use WASD or Arrow keys
2. To Drop chest use Space bar

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