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Papa Cherry Saga

Papa Cherry Saga

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Hey there, puzzle lovers! Do you have a big sweet tooth? Then you'll love Papa Cherry Saga. It's a yummy new game where you match three candies or desserts in a row. With each level, you'll get to enjoy even more tasty treats. So come join the fun and see how many sweets you can match.

Help Papa Cherry Satisfy His Sweet Cravings

In Papa Cherry Saga, you'll join the one-and-only Papa Cherry - a world-famous pastry chef with an insatiable appetite for sugary sweets. This charismatic baker needs your help collecting tons of delicious desserts by matching treats on a sugary game board.

Match Candies in Clever Combos

Matching luscious lollipops, gooey doughnuts, and other mouthwatering candies is easy - just find groups of three or more identical treats and swipe to clear them from the board. But for point-scoring pyrotechnics, you'll want to create L and T-shaped matches to trigger exciting special effects.

Explore a Vibrant, Whimsical World

While helping Papa Cherry on his quest, you'll explore a fantastical kingdom of pure imagination. From dazzlingly jeweled candy mines to frosting-topped cottages, every level brims with eye-catching visuals and new challenges to conquer.

Unchaining Sweet Combos

To rack up high scores in game, you'll need to think strategically about your matches. Set off chain reactions by clearing treats in specific areas, or create mega-combos by planning moves several turns in advance.

Using Boosters Wisely

When the game board looks impossible, you can call upon powerful booster abilities to shake things up. Scrumptious skills like the JellyFish clear entire sections, while Sugar Bombs blast away any nearby candies.

Tips and Tricks

1. Plan moves ahead to set up combos and chain reactions.
2. Make L and T-shaped matches to activate special effects.
3. Use boosters strategically when stuck on difficult levels.
4. Look for opportunities to clear multiple candies at once.
5. Focus on creating matches near the bottom to extend playtime.

Key Features

1. Addictive match-3 puzzling with sugary treats.
2. Special L and T-shaped combos trigger fun effects.
3. Vibrant, imaginative world to explore level by level.
4. Chaining combos and strategic planning maximizes points.
5. Helpful boosters provide a way out of sticky situations.

So put on your oven mitts and prepare for a deliciously sweet time. Papa Cherry's sugary saga of match-3 madness is just getting started. How many desserts can you help him collect?


Move a dessert - Left click (or tap) and hold

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