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Fall Boys

Fall Boys

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Fall Boys: Ultimate Race Tournament is a mobile game inspired by the ultra-popular Fall Guys. Get ready for large-scale, chaotic fun as you compete against 29 other players in many different crazy mini-games!

The Race is On!

First, you'll choose your character from 32 unique and funny fall guys to represent you in the tournament. Once you find an online match, the madness begins! You'll be lumped into various mind-bending mini-games where the goal is to race towards the finish line faster than your opponents.

Mini-Game Mania

From obstacle courses filled with whacky challenges, to platforming pandemonium, to out-of-the-box games testing your skills - Fall Boys has it all. No two mini-games are alike, but they all require you to go as fast as you can. Only a limited number of players qualify each round, so you'll need to bring your A-game!

The Final Flumph

After multiple frantic mini-game rounds, you'll reach the ultimate challenge: the final stage where only one fall guy can emerge victorious. This crazy climactic game ups the ante even higher, so get ready to pull out all the stops for that glorious win!

Get ready for pure competitive hilarity in the Fall Boys: Ultimate Race Tournament. With dozens of players and an endless supply of wonderfully wacky mini-games, every tournament is a freshly unique experience.


1. WASD - To Move
2. Mouse - To Rotate Camera
3. Spacebar - Jump


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