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Bunny Adventures 3D

Bunny Adventures 3D

3.0 (5 Reviews)
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Bunny Adventures 3D is a fun platform game that you'll surely love. Help the bunny to go its way and collect coins and stars in every stage. Avoid those nasty hornets, shooting flowers, trucks and angry farmers!


1. Controls: Utilize the arrow keys or WASD keys to maneuver the bunny in various directions within the 3D world. Use the spacebar to make the bunny jump, and hold it down for longer jumps.
2. Collectibles: Keep an eye out for carrots and other valuable items scattered throughout the levels. Collecting these items may unlock bonuses or advance your progress in the game.
3. Avoid Obstacles: Navigate the bunny skillfully to dodge obstacles like rocks, pits, and enemies. Swiftly maneuver to keep the bunny safe from harm and progress through each level.
4. Special Abilities: Discover special abilities or power-ups that enhance the bunny's capabilities. Activate these abilities using designated keys or by interacting with specific objects in the environment.
5. Camera Control: Use the mouse to control the camera perspective, offering different views of the immersive 3D world. This feature assists in spotting hidden pathways or obstacles.
6. Checkpoints: Reach certain checkpoints scattered throughout the levels to ensure progress. If the bunny encounters an obstacle or falls, it can respawn at the last checkpoint reached.
7. Complete the Level: Guide the bunny towards the end goal of each level, which may involve solving puzzles, defeating enemies, or overcoming challenging obstacles.
8. Restart: If necessary, restart the level by pressing the designated key or button.


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