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Free Kick Shooter

Free Kick Shooter

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Free Kick Shooter is an awesome soccer game that lets you take free kicks and try to score amazing goals. Get ready to step up and show off your free kick skills on the pitch.

Conquering Traps

Scoring from a free kick isn't easy. You'll need to outwit the wall of defenders trying to block your shot. Mastering swerving and curving the ball trajectory is key to finding that perfect shooting lane. But watch out for the goalkeeper waiting to make a big save.

Achieving Objectives

Your main objective is simple - score as many incredible goals as you can from free kick situations. Whether it's bending one into the top corner or blasting a knuckleball shot, celebrate every time you rip the back of the net. Rack up high scores in challenges to prove you're a true free kick master.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study the positioning of the wall and keeper before taking your free kick.
2. Try adding curl/swerve by putting spin on the ball as you shoot.
3. For knuckleball shots, strike the ball with no spin for crazy movement.
4. Master different free kick techniques for all types of situations.


1. Realistic free kick physics that capture the feeling of the real game.
2. Variety of gameplay modes from quick strikes to full matches.
3. Customize your player's appearance with different kits and accessories.
4. Simple tap controls make it easy to learn the shooting mechanics.
5. Play locally or online against friends to see who's the free kick king.

Whether you're a soccer fanatic or just a casual fan, Free Kick Shooter delivers an awesome free kick experience! Step up to the ball, pick your spot, and rip a few absolute stunners into the back of the net. If you can bend it like Beckham, this is the game for you.


Use a mouse to play.

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