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Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball

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Have you ever wanted to play a basketball game with a twist? Well, Blumgi Ball is the game for you. It mixes regular basketball with tricky platforming levels and puzzles. Get ready for a super cool and unique gaming experience.

What Makes Blumgi Ball Awesome:

1. Play basketball but have to solve puzzles to make each shot.
2. Use a slingshot to shoot the ball and control its power and direction.
3. Jump from platform to platform as you navigate the challenging levels.
4. Your goal is to make a basket in as few shots as possible.

Tips for Success:

1. Practice using the slingshot to launch the ball perfectly every time.
2. Look at the whole level first before just shooting wildly.
3. Use the platforms and obstacles to bank your shots in tricky ways.
4. On some levels, you'll need to make shots while jumping around.

Totally Awesome Features:

1. Mixing basketball and platforming makes for such a fun game.
2. The slingshot controls are easy to learn but hard to master.
3. Just open it in your web browser.
4. Endless levels that get harder and harder to solve.

Blumgi Ball is a slam dunk when it comes to combining sports and puzzles into one ridiculously entertaining game. Use your basketball skills and brainpower to sink baskets like a pro. Will you become the ultimate Blumgi Ball champion?


1. Aim and shoot - Left mouse click, drag, and release
2. Teleport to ball - Space bar

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