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Ultimate Boxing

Ultimate Boxing

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Ultimate Boxing is a super cool free 3D boxing game that lets you step into the ring and fight against tough opponents. Get your gloves on and get ready for some intense action. These boxing rivals play lots of tricks to catch you off guard. They'll try to fake you out with misleading punches before unloading their biggest combos. You'll need to be quick to dodge their punches and look for the perfect moment to strike back.

Game Objectives

Your main goal is to beat down your opponent by mixing up your offensive punches and defensive blocks/dodges really well. Stay patient, study how they fight, and look for openings to land clean punch combos that knock off their stamina bit by bit.

Tips and Tricks

1. Practice punching combos like jab-cross-hook for maximum damage.
2. Circle around your opponent to sneak in surprise punches.
3. If you're hurt, tie up or clinch to take a break and regain stamina.
4. Use fakes and misleading moves to trick opponents into making mistakes.


1. Awesome realistic graphics that make boxing feel super intense.
2. Smart gameplay that's more than just random punching.
3. Choose and practice your own unique fighting style.
4. Simple controls using a keyboard/mouse or controller.
5. Play against other real people online in head-to-head fights.

Whether you're new to boxing or already a pro, Ultimate Boxing lets you experience what it's really like to be in the ring. Train hard, master different punches and moves, and get ready to become the ultimate boxing champion!


Use your mouse

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