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Subway Surfers Winter Holiday

Subway Surfers Winter Holiday

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Subway Surfers is back with a festive winter wonderland update that's sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Join the crew as they trade in their boards for festive hovercraft and take to the snowy, decorated streets.

These winter lanes are loaded with slippery hazards trying to derail your endless run. You'll need to nimbly jump over frozen puddles, dodge flying candy canes, and avoid crashing into snowmen. Stay focused or you could take a bone-chilling spill.

Core Gameplay

Your main mission is to collect as many coins and special holiday treats as possible by surfing endlessly through the winter scenery. Grab gift boxes and ornaments to boost your score, then use your earnings to unlock new festive outfits and gear. The classic Glacier hoverboard returns, letting you shred corners stylishly while leaving a trail of frosty energy. Its icy look is perfect for this winter getaway.

Tips and Tricks

1. Dress up in new festive outfits like Elf Tricky's Candy look for bonus points.
2. Time jumps perfectly to soar over trains and slide under icicle hazards.
3. Hunt for penguin tokens during Weekly Events to unlock limited rewards.
4. Stay concentrated - one missed grind could leave you stuck in a chilly snowbank!


1. Explore snowy cityscapes decked out with brilliant holiday lights and decor.
2. Suit up your character in limited seasonal outfits like Malik's Penguin look.
3. Unlock the awesome returning Glacier hoverboard for a frosty ride.
4. Collect penguin tokens during special Winter Holiday Weekly Hunts.
5. Same endless running gameplay with jumps, grinds, and high scores!

This holiday season, Subway Surfers takes you on a festive tour filled with winter wonder. Can you escape the Inspector while mastering these icy, decorated lanes? Grab your scarf and make tracks on the snowy streets.


1. Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
2. Up Arrow = Jump
3. Down Arrow Roll
4. Space = Activate Hoverboard

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