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Skibidi Toilet Rampage

Skibidi Toilet Rampage

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In Skibidi Toilet Rampage, you have to battle against an army of toilets that have come alive and gone totally crazy. These former bathroom buddies don't want to do their jobs anymore. Instead, they are trying to take over the whole world.

Conquering Traps

The rampaging toilet enemies aren't playing around. They have very weird and dangerous weapons. You'll need to jump over laser beams, explosive plungers, and scary toilet paper tornado attacks. Watch out as you fight across colorful carnival grounds, strange factories, and wastelands.

Game Objectives:

Your mission is to single-handedly defeat all the rebelling toilet forces and their powerful toilet boss leaders. Each level will have new tricks and traps from the twisted toilets that you'll need to outsmart. Can you beat the Cameraman Toilet obsessed with social media? Can you stop the Toilet Invasion?

Tips and Tricks

1. Carefully look at each silly level first to find the dangers ahead.
2. Move strategically, don't just run around without a plan.
3. If a toilet locks its sights on you, watch for its laser targeting.
4. See if you can use things like boxes or barrels to help you.

What Makes It Fun?

1. Battling rebelling toilets across crazy, colorful worlds is just so ridiculous!
2. The controls are simple so anyone can join in on defeating the potties.
3. Fighting goofy toilet boss overlords with over-the-top personalities.
4. The game is packed with silly humor and laugh-out-loud moments.
5. It's based on hilarious viral videos about skibidi toilets.

Get ready for a totally wild, unhinged, and yes, immature adventure. Skibidi Toilet Rampage takes silly humor and frantic action and mashes it all together into one unforgettable bathroom-based battle royale!


1. WASD = move or run
2. Spacebar = kick or dash

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