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Court Kings 3D

Court Kings 3D

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Get ready for some super intense one-on-one basketball in the video game Court Kings 3D! You'll play lightning-fast 3-minute games, trying to outscore your opponent and be the best baller.

One-on-One Basketball Battles

Lace up your virtual sneakers for head-to-head basketball action. Use quick moves and precise shooting to score more points than your opponent, whether you're playing against the computer or a friend. These fast-paced games are nonstop excitement!

Be the Neighborhood Basketball Champ

Think you're the greatest basketball player in your town? Prove it in Tournament Mode! Here, you'll compete in a big tournament bracket against all the other top local players. If you can battle your way through and win the whole thing, you'll be crowned the #1 Court King!

Simple Controls, Still Challenging

Don't worry if basketball video games seem too complicated at first. Court Kings 3D uses super basic controls that anyone can learn quickly. Use the WASD keys to dribble and move around, and the spacebar to shoot or steal the ball. Once you've got the basics down, you can start mastering more advanced basketball skills and strategies.

Basketball Tips and Tricks:

1. Set picks to get open for easy shots.
2. Use pump fakes to make defenders jump, then shoot.
3. Cut hard to the basket for layup opportunities.
4. Bend your knees on defense to stay in front of dribblers.

Key Game Features:

1, Lightning 3-Minute Games - Quick back-and-forth basketball action.
2. Tournaments or 1-on-1 Play - Compete for championships or just casual games.
3. Easy Hoop Controls - Simple movement and shooting commands.
4. Human or Computer Opponents - Play against friends or just the AI.

Whether you want to be the reigning court king or just play for fun, the fast-paced basketball of Court Kings 3D is a blast! Take the court and show off your skills.


1. To move, press WASD or the arrow keys.
2. Use the spacebar to shoot

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