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Basket Random

Basket Random

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Basket Random is a hilarious two-player basketball game with totally random and wacky physics. Get ready to hop along crazy courts and furiously fight for the ball in this chaotic sports showdown!

The goal is simple - be the first player to score a set number of baskets, like 5 points. One player controls their character using the W key, while the other uses the up arrow. It's a fast-paced, frantic battle as you both jump, bump, and spin around wildly trying to knock the basketball loose and take a shot.

Randomized Fun

Here's where Basket Random gets insanely fun and unpredictable. After someone scores, the entire level gets shaken up with random changes! The physics могу become extra bouncy or floaty. The court might change locations, from a park to outer space. You'll never know what zany twist you're in for next.

Embrace the Wacky

Adding to the chaos are the hilarious character designs. You'll control these goofy, bouncy-armed basketball players who move in delightfully strange ways. The whole game just oozes with a lighthearted, fun vibe that will have you and your friend laughing yourselves silly.

Basket Random brings the zany excitement of over-the-top physics gameplay to the classic sport of basketball. Grab a buddy nearby and get ready for some seriously random, incredibly silly court action!


Press W or up arrow key.


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