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Stickman Boxing Ko Champion

Stickman Boxing Ko Champion

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Get ready to lace up the gloves and step into the boxing ring in Stickman Boxing KO Champion. This awesome fighting game lets you battle it out as a tough stickman boxer against a bunch of wacky opponents.

Simple Controls, Powerful Punches

The gameplay in Stickman Boxing is easy to pick up but hard to master. Using the left side of the keyboard or screen, you can block and dodge incoming punches. Then time your attacks perfectly by mashing the right side controls to throw all sorts of jabs, hooks, and haymakers.

Last Stickman Standing Wins

Each boxing match is a best-of-three rounds affair. The boxer with the most health remaining after the final round is the winner. You'll need to strategically block and counter-attack while looking for openings to unleash devastating combos on your stickman opponent.

Conquer the Contenders

Your goal is to battle your way through multiple challenging stickman boxers on your path to becoming the undisputed champion. Each new opponent you face has their own unique fighting style and strengths to overcome. As you climb the ranks, the bouts get tougher and tougher.

Stickman Scrapping Satisfaction

Don't let the simple stickman character designs fool you - Stickman Boxing KO Champion brings intense fighting action. There's something immensely satisfying about the button-mashing gameplay and watching your boxer pummel the enemy stickman into oblivion.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Look for patterns in each opponent's attack combos.
2. Keep moving around the ring to avoid getting cornered.
3. Save up your power meter for devastating knockout punches.
4. Button mash furiously when you see an opening for combos.

Awesome Stickman Fighter Features:

1. Simple Button Mashing Brawler - Easy to learn but hard to master.
2. Belt Climbing Career Mode - Battle unique stickman boxers to become champion.
3. Stickman Visual Style - Giving a lighthearted spin on intense boxing action.
4. Free to Play Whenever - No costs or in-game purchases to worry about.

Whether you're a combat sports master or just a casual fighter fan, Stickman Boxing Champion brings non-stop button-mashing action fun. Get ready to rumble as the toughest stickman in the ring.


1. W to block the opponent
2. To move left and right use AD
3. K to punch

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