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Peppa Pig Basketball

Peppa Pig Basketball

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Join the fun in the Peppa Pig Basketball game and guide Peppa's team to triumph! After Daddy Pig's basketball tutorial, the young players are eager to showcase their skills against the adults. It's your chance to step in, strategize with the team, and lead them on the court to victory.

Engage in this playful game by passing the ball among the children, positioning them for the perfect shot to outplay the grown-ups' team. Utilize sharp focus and swift movements to dominate the game. Are you prepared to lead Peppa's team to success and prove your mettle as the top player? Let the game begin!


1. Start the game by using your mouse to interact with characters.
2. Tap on a character to pass the ball from one kid to another.
3. To shoot the ball, select Peppa, choose the right angle, and aim to score.
4. Begin your play next to Daddy Pig and look for an open teammate to pass the ball.
5. Aim carefully to avoid passing the ball to the grown-ups, who can intercept your moves.
6. Be strategic and avoid passing the ball if a parent is directly in front of your intended recipient.
7. Pass the ball amongst the kids until it reaches Peppa for the final shot.
8. Consider the distance to the hoop when shooting with Peppa to secure victory for the team.



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