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Vex 6

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Vex 6 is the newest game in the super challenging Vex series. In these platform games, you control a character and have to get through really tricky levels filled with deadly obstacles and traps. Vex 6 brings fresh new levels and features to really test your skills!

The main goal in Vex 6 is to navigate from the start of each level all the way to the exit at the end. But it's not that simple! The levels are packed with things like spike pits, swinging blades, and other crazy traps that can splat you in an instant if you're not careful.

Mastering The Challenge

Conquering Traps 

As you play through Vex 6, you'll encounter a huge variety of deadly traps and hazards. Swinging maces, moving platforms over lava pits, giant boulders rolling at you - you name it! The only way to survive is through trial-and-error. You'll need to memorize when to jump, duck, and move to get past each obstacle safely.

Achieving Objectives:

While just finishing a level is tough enough, Vex 6 also gives you optional objectives to aim for too. You can try to collect every single coin hidden throughout a level for bonus points. Or go for the ultimate challenge - a perfect flawless run without getting hit once! There's even a special daily bonus level that changes every day with new unique goals and rewards.


One cool new feature in Vex 6 is being able to customize the look of your Vex character with all kinds of awesome skins and costumes. As you play, you'll earn in-game currency like Vex coins and bonus stars. You can then spend this virtual money in the skins shop to unlock new looks for your character. The skins range from common recolors all the way to super rare, stylish outfits.


AD or left/right arrow to move.
W or up arrow to jump.
S or down arrow to crouch (enter an act).


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