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Toon Off

Toon Off

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Get ready for an awesome free multiplayer shooter game - Toon Off! In this game, you'll battle in teams with your friends to try and capture the enemy's flag on a huge World War 2 battlefield.

Conquering Traps

These warzone maps are filled with dangerous things that can hurt or even blow you up. Look out for explosive barrels and gas tanks that you can shoot to make them explode. You'll also need to blast open locked doors sometimes to sneak through.

Game Objectives

Your main goal is to sneak into the enemy team's base and steal their flag while protecting your own flag at the same time. It takes great teamwork, planning, and communication with your squad to outthink the other team.

Weapons Collections

Before each match, you get to pick from a bunch of different guns like handguns, rifles, snipers, and grenades. Each weapon is great for different situations like shooting far away or up close combat. Choose wisely.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study the big maps first to find good hiding spots and sneak paths.
2. Use nighttime to stay hidden while the other team has a harder time seeing.
3. Set up traps with explosive barrels in areas the enemy has to walk through.
4. If you need help, friendly bots will sometimes join your team.


1. Huge battlefields with a cool World War 2 theme and lots of details.
2. Intense capture-the-flag games that require perfect teamwork.
3. Variety of powerful guns and grenades to use how you want.
4. Awesome graphics that make the action feel super real.
5. Climb ladders, destroy environments, and see enemies react to hits.

Whether you love shooters, war games, or just need a fun game to play with your friends, Toon Off is a total blast! Gear up, customize your player, and get ready for an unforgettable cartoon war over the flag.


1. WASD - Move
2. Mouse - Move camera
3. Left click - Shoot
4. Space - Jump

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