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Mini Train

Mini Train

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Get ready for an awesome puzzle adventure as you build tracks and guide an adorable tiny locomotive. Mini Train is a super fun free browser game that challenges your brain in the best way possible.

Conquering the Crazy Courses:

In Mini Train, your job is to use scattered track pieces to construct a safe railway for the tiny train to travel across. But don't be fooled - these puzzles are tricky. You'll need to get creative with laying tracks over gaps, under obstacles, and around twisted turns. Once you think your route is ready, watch anxiously as the petite locomotive puts your design to the test.

Achieving Objective:

The ultimate goal in each Mini Train level is to successfully build a track that allows the train to chug along seamlessly from start to finish. But simply solving the puzzles is only half the fun. You'll want to construct the most creative, mind-bending rail routes possible. Why just get to the end when you can put your conductor skills to the ultimate test?

Tips and Tricks for Staying on the Rails:

1. Study each puzzle first to plan the best path for the train.
2. Rotate track pieces by dragging the corners to change directions.
3. Make sure to leave enough space for the train to navigate tight turns.
4. Double check your tracks before hitting play to avoid crashes.
5. If you get stuck, try starting over with a fresh approach.


1. Drag-and-drop controls that are easy for anyone to pick up.
2. Infinite puzzle levels ranging from beginner to brilliantly complex.
3. Vivid, charming graphics that make you go "awwww!"
4. A solo brain game mode for players who love a challenge.
5. Multi-player mode to team up with friends and collaborate.

Weave your way through exotic environments like frolic-some forests, sandy beaches, and more imaginative locations you'd never expect a tiny train to travel. With so many whimsical worlds to explore and all kinds of crazy rail puzzles, Mini Train delivers an endless supply of fun for the best tiny train conductors around!

So what are you waiting for? Fire up your locomotive and get ready to ride the rails on your most tortuous routes yet. Just try not to get too distracted by how stinking cute your miniature train is.


Click and drag objects to make a safe path for the train to reach the goal.

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