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Parkour Climb And Jump

Parkour Climb And Jump

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Classification: Games » Action Games

Parkour Climb and Jump is a super cool game that lets you perform awesome parkour stunts and moves while exploring a huge city. Get ready for an action-packed free-running adventure.

This city is filled with obstacles you'll need to overcome using slick parkour abilities. You'll jump over barriers, climb up walls, swing across gaps and more. But you have to time your moves perfectly or else you could fall.

Achieving Objectives

Your main goal is to collect all the crystals hidden around each city level. Follow the markers on screen to find every last crystal. You'll use your amazing parkour skills to access hard-to-reach areas and find them all.

Tips and Tricks

1. Tilt the camera up to prepare for upward parkour moves and down for descents.
2. Look for swing points like ropes and bars so you can cross big gaps stylishly.
3. Don't be afraid to try new stunt move combos and different paths.


1. Explore a massive 3D city filled with breathtaking parkour challenges.
2. Simple one-button controls that let you perform awesome dynamic stunts.
3. No opponents or time limits, just pure free-running gameplay.
4. Unlock new city levels that get harder with more complex obstacle courses.
5. Satisfying gameplay of mastering each course's parkour puzzles.

If you love the thrill of parkour or just want an action-packed urban movement game, Parkour Climb and Jump delivers awesome free-running fun. Lace up and get ready to push your skills to the limit leaping around the city.


1. Move: "W,A,S,D"
2. Run: "SHIFT"
3. Look around: "MOUSE"
4. Dance: "F"
5. Slide: "C"

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