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Vex 7

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Vex 7 is the latest game in the super popular stickman platformer series. Get ready for some crazy deadly new adventures, tools, and traps that will put your skills to the ultimate test!

The main goal in Vex 7 is to guide your stickman character through each level's obstacles and make it safely to the exit. But watch out - these levels are filled with brutal traps like swinging blades, spike pits, and other lethal hazards.

You'll die over and over again as you learn the perfect jumps and movements to survive.

Mastery and Rewards

Within each level, there are special challenges and rewards to aim for if you really want to prove your platforming prowess. Maybe you'll try to grab every single coin hidden throughout. Or go for the ultimate objective - completing the level flawlessly without getting hit at all! You can track your achievements in the game's trophies section.

Bonus Challenges

For extra insane challenges, check out the tower mode. This is a special bonus level that changes its layout and obstacles every time you attempt it. See how far you can get while earning some bonus prizes!

Loyal Player Rewards

Vex 7 wants to reward players who keep coming back day after day. It has a daily tasks system that'll give you cool unlockables just for showing your commitment.

Customization Options

As you play and earn in-game currency, you can spend it on awesome new skins and looks for your stickman character in the skins shop. There are rare skins of all different styles to discover.

Vex 7 Tips & Tricks

1. Use power-ups like parachutes and grappling hooks to get past far away gaps and hazards.
2. If the game asks "Are you okay?" after a death, answer "no" to temporarily become invincible!
3. Mastering the precise controls and timing is key. If you get frustrated, take some breaks.

Vex 7 continues the devilishly challenging but fun legacy of stickman platforming to its most extreme level yet. Get ready for an insane death-defying adventure!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.


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