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Zeepkist Crash 2D

Zeepkist Crash 2D

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Classification: Games » Car

Zeepkist: Crash 2D is a funny car game focused on creating the most dramatic crashes for high scores. Begin by positioning your Zeepkist, then launch it with gusto, controlling your character for optimal impact. The goal is to achieve "Yeet action," maximizing damage for ultimate chaos.

The havoc you wreak translates into coins, which can be used to purchase a variety of cars, accessories, and obstacles for even more crash potential. Additionally, coins unlock new maps, broadening your crash-making horizons. Challenge yourself: How many Zeepkists can you spectacularly crash?


1. Click the Zeepkist and Pose buttons to select your car and pose.
2. Use the Edit feature to place obstacles on the road.
3. Hold and release the Power button to accelerate your Zeepkist.
4. Use the Left or Right button to maneuver your character.
5. Click Yeet to eject your character for impact.
6. Customize your character's appearance with different hats and colors.

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