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Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing The Complex

4.6 (12 Reviews)
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Classification: Games » Puzzle

Fleeing the Complex is an exciting stickman game where you need to escape from a super secure stickman prison. Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with quick choices.

The prison is guarded by tough stickman soldier guards who don't want you escaping. You'll face locked doors, laser security systems, and roaming patrol guards trying to catch you. Stay alert and think quickly to avoid getting captured again.

Achieving Objectives

Your main goal is to successfully break out of your tiny jail cell and flee the entire prison grounds. But the path to freedom has lots of twists and turns - you'll need to make very important decisions that determine if you get closer to escaping or end up stuck.

Weapons Used

In this game, your most powerful skills are your ability to think quickly and make good decisions. Sometimes you may find helpful tools or friendly stickmen to aid your escape attempts. But using your best judgment in each situation is the key to outsmarting the prison's defenses.

Tips and Tricks

1. Always look around for possible escape routes or exits.
2. If stuck, try backtracking to see if you missed anything.
3. Not every choice is obvious - expect some unexpected outcomes!
4. Use objects or friendly stickmen to help you when you can.


1. Exciting story where the choices you make really matter.
2. Challenging puzzles and obstacles requiring creative problem-solving.
3. Simple stickman characters with silly humor.
4. Multiple paths and different endings for great replay value.
5. Mix of action, stealth, and making thoughtful decisions.

Fleeing the Complex throws you into an intense prison escape scenario with constant pressure. Can you use your smarts to make the right moves and daring escapes? Find out in this super exciting stickman adventure!


Use your mouse.

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