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Bullet Bros

Bullet Bros

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In Bullet Bros, you have powerful guns to help you jump. Use the force from shooting to propel yourself through the air. Dodge things, spin 360 degrees, and blast yourself to new heights.

Strategic Shooting Chaos

Time your jumps and gunshots together for maximum chaos. Blow up enemies by combining jumping and shooting in smart ways.

Unlock Cool Outfits and Guns

The more you play, the more outfits and guns you'll unlock. Each new gun lets you shoot in a unique way to mix up your skills.

Master Every Level

Can you beat every level by shooting perfectly and maneuvering in mid-air? Sharpshooters who dare to play will face this action-packed challenge.

Play Anytime, Anywhere for Free

Best of all, you can play this free shooter platformer whenever and wherever. Play on your computer, phone, or tablet without limits.

Explosive Fun from GameTornado

Bullet Bros comes from the clever GameTornado studio. They made other addictive hits like Short Life and Flip Bros.

Key Tips

1. Charge up shots to increase recoil boosting power.
2. Use concentrated fire to break through durable obstacles.
3. Upgrade to bigger guns for even crazier aerial stunts.
4. Try different outfits and find your favorite combat style.

So gear up and prepare for an intense, gravity-defying adventure. Combined with slick shooting mechanics and outrageous physics, Bullet Bros delivers a fun-filled, explosive experience.

Are your gun skills and reflexes sharp enough to reign supreme? Grab your firearm and get ready to blast off on an unforgettable gun-fu platforming journey.


Use the spacebar or mouse to spin and jump; release to shoot.

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