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Subway Surfers Tokyo

Subway Surfers Tokyo

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Classification: Games » Skill

Get ready for a thrilling journey through the streets of Tokyo in Subway Surfers Tokyo. Join Jake, Tricky, and the gang as they take their endless running adventures to this famous Japanese city.

Cool New Character

Say hello to Harumi, the newest subway surfer to join your team. Unlock this awesome character who loves Tokyo's bright and colorful style. You can even change her outfit to look extra cool as you race through the city.

Awesome Hoverboard Rides

Forget about skateboards - the future of subway surfing is here with amazing hoverboards. Ride through Tokyo in style on super smooth boards like the Fortune, Kitty, and Cherry. They help you fly over obstacles with ease.

Collect Japanese Keychains for Weekly Prizes

In the Weekly Hunt, look for keychains with famous Japanese designs all over Tokyo. Collect as many as you can to win prizes and show off your exploring skills against other players.

The Endless Running Fun You Love

Even though the city is new, the game you love is still the same. Run forever, jump, dodge things in your way, grab coins and cool power-ups - all while staying ahead of that silly Inspector chasing you.

Hints and Tips

1. Use hoverboards to easily glide over trains and other things on the ground.
2. Use the Lightning Strike to zap groups of enemies out of your way.
3. Collect painted sake bottles to get more points for a short time.
4. Time your jumps to bounce from one bullet train to another.

Cool Things for the Tokyo Drifter

1. Tokyo's Awesome City Views - Be amazed by beautiful temples, bright neon signs, and busy neighborhoods.
2. Harumi the Cool New Friend - Dress up this stylish local in the latest Tokyo street fashions.
3. Sweet Hovering Rides - Three unique hoverboards are waiting to make your subway surfing even more high-tech.
4. Fun Weekly Hunts - Look for Japanese keychain collectibles and win prizes by beating other players.

Come see the bright and exciting sights and sounds of Tokyo for yourself in the newest action-packed update to the endless running game everyone loves, Subway Surfers.


1. Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
2. Up Arrow = Jump
3. Down Arrow Roll
4. Space = Activate Hoverboard

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