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Funny Throat Surgery

Funny Throat Surgery

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Having a throat sore? Let the doctor see you! Cure the diseases on you gums, destroy all bacteries, and remove the infected amandels. Get some cute and funny dress up at the end of your journey to the doctor. It's important to be healthy and stylish!


Prepare for Surgery:

1. Start by sterilizing the surgical area.
2. Administer anesthesia to the patient.

Incision: Make a precise incision at the designated location on the patient's throat using a scalpel.

Diagnosis: Examine the patient's throat for any foreign objects, infections, or abnormalities.

Treatment: Use various medical tools to treat the condition. This may include removing foreign objects, cleaning wounds, or applying medication.

Suturing: Carefully stitch up any incisions made during the surgery to promote healing.

Recovery: Monitor the patient's vital signs and ensure they wake up safely from anesthesia.

Post-Operative Care: Provide instructions to the patient for a smooth recovery.

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