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Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter

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Classification: Games » 2 Player Games

Thumb Fighter, developed by AVIX Games, is a playful take on the classic thumb war game, adapted for single or multiplayer experiences in any HTML5-compatible browser. This game invites players to engage in virtual one-on-one thumb battles, offering a selection of whimsically costumed thumbs such as Blinky, Bobbie, Red Bro, and BatThumb.


Have a friend to play with? Then choose "P1 vs P2". If you are alone, you can play against the computer with the option "P1 vs CPU". Then you decide how your thumb fighter looks like. The countdown begins. Player 1 uses the "A" key and player two is the "L" key on the keyboard. The winner is the person who is able to have its thumb stay on top the longest.

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