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Flappy Bird Night Farm Mode

Flappy Bird Night Farm Mode

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Welcome to Flappy Bird Night Farm Mode, the enchanting twist on the beloved classic that transforms your gameplay into an enthralling night-time adventure!

In this magical rendition, you're not just navigating a daring bird through treacherous pipes; you're embarking on a nocturnal journey across a beautifully illuminated farm, filled with challenges and wonders.

As the sun sets and the moon casts its silver glow, your flappy friend wakes up to explore the farm at night. Glide through rows of twinkling vegetables, dodge the whimsical windmills, and weave between barns adorned with fairy lights.

The night farm comes alive with the sounds of nature and the serene luminescence of fireflies guiding your way.


Tap to Begin: Start your journey with a simple tap. Your flappy bird will begin its flight across the night farm.

Stay Aloft: Tap your screen to make the bird flap its wings and rise. When you stop tapping, it will begin to descend. Finding the right rhythm is key!

Avoid Obstacles: Keep an eye out for barns, windmills, and rows of crops. Your objective is to navigate through these obstacles without touching them.

Collectibles and Bonuses: Scattered across the farm are glowing fireflies and sparkling fruits. Collect these for extra points and special bonuses.

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