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Geometry Dash Remastered

Geometry Dash Remastered

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Get ready to jump, fly, and groove to the beat in Geometry Dash Remastered. This awesome rhythm-based platformer takes you on a dazzling journey through vibrant neon worlds, all synchronized perfectly to pulse-pounding music.

Conquering Traps

Stay alert, because these futuristic levels are loaded with deadly obstacles. Spikes, monsters, hazards, and more will try to stop your cube of light in its tracks. You'll need lightning-fast reflexes to navigate the high-speed action and avoid getting crushed.

Achieving Objectives:

Your main mission is to survive each level's intense barrage of synced challenges from start to finish. But the real goal? Mastering every jump, dash, and gravity shift to achieve a flawless, rhythmic run in perfect harmony with the soundtrack.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Use the pumping soundtrack to find your flow and rhythm
2. Stay focused - these hypnotic levels can easily throw you off your groove
3. Practice levels repeatedly until you can nail trickier sequences


1. Awesome remixed soundtracks spanning multiple musical genres.
2. Eye-catching minimalistic visuals with vibrant neon flair.
3. Buttery smooth gameplay with simple touch/click controls.
4. Endless levels to master, from easy warmups to knuckle-whitening tests.
5. Alternate game modes that flip the whole experience on its head.

Geometry Dash Remastered delivers all the high-octane thrills and rhythmic satisfaction of the original, now turbo-charged with enhanced graphics and effects. Get hyped and get ready to feel the beat blasting through every jump, fly, and dash in this stunning audio/visual platformer!


Use a spacebar or up arrow key to jump.

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