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Up Hill Racing 2

Up Hill Racing 2

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Get ready for some seriously crazy uphill driving action in the game Up Hill Racing 2. You'll take control of different vehicles and race them up insane hilly courses.

Conquer Huge Uphill Turns and Jumps

The race tracks in the game are no joke. They're filled with massive hills, scary downhills, and tons of sharp turns to navigate. You'll need to hit the gas at just the right moments to make it up and over the big hills without flipping your car over. One bad turn could send you tumbling all the way back.

Drive Awesome Off-Road Vehicles

You get to pick from a garage full of really cool rides to race. Everything from classic off-road trucks to super fast sports cars is available. Each vehicle handles the hilly terrain a bit differently, so you'll need to find the one that works best for you. You can even upgrade your vehicles by earning money during races.

Outrageous Low-Gravity Levels

Just when you think you've mastered regular hill climbing, Up Hill Racing 2 adds a fun new twist - low gravity. On these levels, your car will go floating through the air and defying physics. It's a totally different driving challenge to try and control your car while feeling lightweight.

Hill Climb Tips and Tricks:

1. Use hills to build up speed for conquering the next big one.
2. Cars with more traction and acceleration are best for steep uphill sections.
3. Be careful not to overcorrect on downhills or you'll start spinning out.
4. Upgrading your suspension helps you stay stable over bumpy terrain.

Insane Off-Road Racing Features:

1. Extreme Uphill Courses - Huge climbs, descents, and hairpin turns to master.
2. Garage Full of Vehicles - Unlockable trucks, cars, buggies and more.
3. Vehicle Upgrades - Make your ride faster, grippier, and more powerful.
4. Crazy Low-Gravity Levels - Mind-bending driving with unrealistic physics.

Whether you're racing up a massive incline or floating through the air,Up Hill Racing 2 delivers constant nail-biting driving action. Conquer every insane hill climb race and become the ultimate uphill racer.


The car can be moved forward by using the right pedal, which is the accelerator, and slowed down by using the left pedal, which is the brake.

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